Friday, 1 April 2011

New L.A. Noire case info and screens keep the trail hot

Stepping into April means we're one month closer to L.A. Noire's May release, but it's not enough. We just can't wait to hit the streets of 1940s Los Angeles as a hard-boiled beat cop, and this update from the official Rockstar blog isn't helping. Not only are there new screens to see, but we get details on two early cases in the game. One's a standard "robbery in progress" call tasking you with delivering a bit of shotgun justice to the local grocer, and the other one's a crime scene investigation, where you've got to hunt for a murder weapon in the dark.

Rockstar also says that walking the beat and solving these crimes is "how you pay your dues" as a uniformed officer, so not only are you out to right wrongs, but you're trying to impress the higher-ups and make detective as well. It just sounds like too much fun -- come on April showers, bring us a new Rockstar game already!

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  1. Is this real, or an April fools' joke?

  2. Great post, love Rockstar games.

  3. cant wait for this game, i just finished RDR and GTA4, im ready for another rockstar game

  4. If this is real, it sounds great.