Monday, 23 May 2011

Team Bondi already thinks in L.A. Noire 2 and extend the Motion Scan to the whole body

L.A. Noire is already in the stores and a success resounding beyond where passes. One of the best features that the game has is the Motion Scan, the technology used to create the best facial animations to date. Team Bondi not thought it twice and they are now planteandose the development of a second installment.

"The development would be shorter because we already have the techniques;" "the written part attached to a game is what would be missing, but development will be less than five years," said Brendan McNamara, who believes that a sequel would soon take place.

Brendan does not think that the Motion Scan is as maximum as possible reaches its study, and thinks that there is still much room for improvement. Why are already working in "technology for whole body catpurar".

"With L.A. Noire already have broken some conventions for characters in video games".

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