Monday, 11 April 2011

Deceit, drugs and detective work come together in new L.A. Noire trailer

Crime and drama are present and accounted for in the latest trailer for Rockstar and Team Bondi's noir crime drama L.A. Noire. So is another well-known addition to the cast: John Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop on Fox's sci-fi series Fringe (and was Denethor in the third Lord of the Rings film).

Noble and the rest of the cast are looking better than ever in this new footage that seems to show the game in its most current form -- one in which the characters' facial animation is still fantastic, but looks much more refined (and thus way less creepy). There's probably, oh, a second or two of actual gameplay, but what do you expect ... it's a Rockstar trailer.

Investigate it for yourself after the break.

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