Sunday, 3 April 2011

Exclusive new gameplay of multiplayer for Resistance 3

Through an event held this week by the Insomniac Games community in the United States.UU., has leaked a video of about five minutes in length that contains a Resistance 3 multiplayer gameplay.

The quality of the videos is not very good because it's an off-screen with camera in hand. Even so, the result is quite good and helps us to see how much has changed the multiplayer on the second installment.

You can check that the rate of frames is really high, with very smooth and fast movements similar to those seen in the COD series by what I gather that playability could be similar. Also confirms that the games will be much less numerous with smaller maps. To sum up another great game for this 2011.

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  1. I see Insomniac as being one of the most innovative companies out there right now and I'm sure they can do something far different then what we see in any other FPS.

  2. Sounds like something to check out when it's released. Thanks King.

  3. looking forward to it, i enjoyed resistance 2 a lot.