Friday, 25 March 2011

[Analysis] Crysis 2

Crysis 2 is one of the titles more expected this 2011. Not in vain, has a part that has amazed to all kinds of audiences and which became a benchmark of graphical power.

We now have in our hands the second part, and the truth is that with a predecessor as well, the level requiring this title not to disappoint was very high, but Crytek has shown that knows how to make sequels and Crysis 2 becomes an essential game.

So you enter in this analysis to discover everything about the new alien invasion.

If we try to assess Crysis 2 with what we saw in its first issue, which is quite different, but no worse, but that is another air. Crytek has wanted to change the atmosphere of Crysis 2 to create something new but we remember his previous delivery. However, we have gone from a jungle to a huge city like New York. But do not be fooled, New York is going to turn into a jungle, but this time of glass.

The alien invasion attacks New York City.

The game is 3 years later than its predecessor. We are in the year 2023, with an almost completely empty New York City after the evacuation of the population because of the alien invasion. Our protagonist, Alcatraz, is a specialized marine receives the order to reach the city to serve as a support in the fight against the infestation.

But by misfortunes of fate, the vehicle that brought the Marines is destroyed by an alien attack. And without knowing very well how, our protagonist manages to survive and meet with Prophet (known from the first delivery). After a few very moviditos moments, we ended up with the Prophet nanotraje. It is then when the life of Alcatraz is a huge turnaround and begins his true story.

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