Saturday, 26 March 2011

Trophies of Crysis 2

First steps: finish level in murky waters

Alien contamination: escape you evacuation of Battery Park Centre

Extraterrestrial origin: collect a sample of alien tissue on the crash site

False prophet: find Nathan Gould

Internal Affairs: infiltrate the C.E.L.L. Wall Street complex

Into the abyss: infiltrate the alien hive

Marine day, Navy always: see the Marines in Madison Square

Chaos: Join the Hargreave-Rash building

On embers: participate in the evacuation of Bryant Park

Terminus: Defend Central Station

At the crossroads: evacuate Times Square

Theseus: Locate Jacob Hargreave

Meeting together: perform 25 stealth frags campaign solo

Tourist: Find all the memories of New York

The mile: kill 10 enemies with an object

Launch deadly: kill 10 enemies by projection

Popcorn: Kill 20 enemies with the canon campaign solo microwave

Two for the price of one: kill two enemies with a single bullet campaign solo

Deflagration: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade campaign solo

Headhunter: kill 4 enemies in a row with a shot in the head in the Solo campaign

Overwhelming slide: kill 5 enemies by sliding campaign solo

Fatal food: remove an officer of the C.E.L.L. with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan

Forgotten: send an alien in the abyss at the level in the darkness

Always faithful: Let no Marine died during the evacuation of level Semper Fi

Literary agent: scan all of the books of Richard Morgan at the New York public library

Maximum stealth: stray current without you find in chapter the eye of the cyclone

Cleaner: Pass all special types of frags

Spy: Sign 30 contributions of multiplayer mode detection

Versatility: Win a part in each game multiplayer mode

Commitment: Made online some six months after your first connection

Modern art: unlock 150 identity plates

Assessment: Finish 3 parts Playstation Network

Collector: Get 20 identity plates

Maximum module: optimize a Nanocombi module to its maximum in multiplayer mode

Teamwork: to the end join a part online in a squadron of at least 3 players

Nomad: Play a complete game on each map in multiplayer mode

I am not a number! : Create your first custom class


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