Saturday, 26 March 2011

Crysis 2: the launch Trailer

Mar 22nd, 2011by Cyr1us.

At the exit of highly anticipated Crysis 2 this week, discover the launch trailer of the game on a rapper can signed his band

In New York, terrifying aliens roam the streets, while a nightmarish epidemic spreads at a speed V large among the million inhabitants. All the networks of the city are out of service. The streets and skyscrapers are based in a large cluster of still-smoking ruins. Paramilitary actions neither the power of the US military machine can anything against invaders. Those who chose to remain are only stay dead. Only advanced technology will help you survive in this deadly maelstrom. A technology that no soldier of our time has ever seen. One man will receive the keys to survival.

Only you will wear combat born of past technological prowess, the nanocombinaison version 2.0 equipment. Only you hold in your hands the single chance to save humanity from destruction and restore peace in the urban jungle became New York.


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