Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Game Informer's BioShock Infinite covers available as posters

You may not be able to buy BioShock Infinite until 2012, but you can proudly display your pre-release fandom now by purchasing posters for the still-in-production game.

Game Informer is selling a double-sided poster, featuring two of its Saturday Evening Post-esque BioShock Infinite covers, through its corporate Big Daddy, GameStop. The 24" x 28.625" poster features Elizabeth and Him on one side, and a menacing (but still down-home and old-timey) painting of Charles on the other. The poster is shipping now for $9.99.

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  1. Anyone else stoked about this game?? Bioshock was so amazing, I loved the look feel and sound of the first game.. The 2nd bioshock is dead to me.. but Bioshock infinite looks to pick up the new fresh atmosphere..