Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 patch preps for new mode, tweaks fighters

Capcom launched an update for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 earlier today to prepare for the new "Event Mode" that will be added to the game this Friday -- however, the patch has also quietly introduced a few balance changes to some characters' intricately measured statistics. The most drastic is a reduction in Sentinel's health, which has been dropped from 1.3 million tiny units (the most health of any fighter in the game) to 905,000, according to Shoryuken.

The patch also nixes a few fairly unfair loops belonging to Spencer, Akuma and Haggar. Hey, why not remove their grappling hook, forbidden demonic Kung-Fu and impossibly gigantic muscles while you're at it? Those seem pretty unfair, too.

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