Monday, 28 March 2011

Revealed the first details of Warhawk 2

Wow! One of the first exclusive multiplayer games of PlayStation 3 could have a sequel on the way. In reality it takes time to circulate rumors of a sequel to Warhawk but it was not until now when it has had access to the first details of this continuation.

Lightbox Interactive, its developers, has offered an event secret for a select group of press to present Warhawk 2 and reveal the first details of the game.  The information weighs a request for embargo by Lightbox but still some details have come to light and you can read below:

-The game will feature a way to history.
-There will be a cooperative mode
-Initially the game will support 32 players online
-Multiplayer with a total of 25 maps.
-The game will feature vehicles military motorcycles, air craft, tanks and other vehicles.
-We can build combat as a bunker facilities even though they may be destroyed by the enemy.
-Improvements to the combat system and camera angles.
-The graphics will be much higher than the first Warhawk.
-PlayStation Move and 3D support.

Still not we can launch the bells to flight information is not official and we already know that in these cases at the end the thing may end up in nothing. Despite this, I am confident that the information that reaches us is correct and that in the coming months we will have an official announcement of Warhawk 2.

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