Saturday, 26 March 2011

Randy Pitchford explains the delay of Duke Nukem Forever

Yesterday skipped the bad news that Duke Nukem Forever suffered another delay although this time will only have to wait another month. Randy Pitchford, founder of Gearbox, today explained the real reasons for which have not been able to meet the deadline they had planned for their release, a change of date which moves the game's release to June 10.

There is no trap, we thought that date - would be may - when announced it. There is some imprevisiblidad, and we use our experience to predict the time limits. We are not perfect when it comes to say releases, but we are perfect to achieve our goals and to work for them.

I think we could have forced the date of may, but would have introduced risks that would not liked to players who have waited so much and which will finally play Duke Nukem Forever. The continued support of the fans miracles to our moral and guide our quality. It is for the fans that I am confident that this small change in the timetable is good for them.

In the end. I think that a small delay is better in time, to have to rush release deadlines and you find a product poorly optimized and full of bugs. But that should they ask to Treyarch with his Black Ops.

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  1. I'd rather have a delayed game than a game released with crippling bugs.