Thursday, 31 March 2011

Much of Batman: Arkham City passes through open scenarios

Batman: Arkham Asylum was considered the best game based on superhero comics of all history, so, its sequel Arkham City, it has very high standards and expectations through the roof.

To further increase the Hype to the rededor of this game, Rocksteady has revealed that you most of the adventure of Batman: Arkham City takes place in the streets of Gotham, with much larger and more open scenarios that his first delivery.

The interiors are dedicated to specific missions, but 80% of the game takes place in the streets. This means that you can start the game and explore from the very beginning. However, freedom will not have impact on the history, the argument is really important to us.

Rocksteady Studios ensures that the game will not be type sandbox despite freedom of action that we will have at all times. Arkham City will be a very big city full of content relating to the Batman universe that will make your mouth water to more fans of the comic.

Our aim was not to the largest open world only by doing so. We wanted to fill it with content, and there is no better world than the universe's Batman for inspiration.We have 97 people in the team, compared to the 65 of the original. For this reason we have decided that we needed more artists and animators to a wider world. It has been a great technical and creative challenge for the team.

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  1. I am freaking excited for this game, such a great spin on Batman. AA was amazingly fun and creative, I can only imagine what AC will be.