Monday, 21 March 2011

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess was almost The Waterfall of the Dirty Gods

On Gamasutra, Mediatonic's Jim Griffiths and Paul Croft wrote a postmortem for Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, the amusingly-named jumping vampire game that started on PlayStation Minis before, yes, hopping to Xbox Live Indie Games.

When the game was first conceived, there wasn't even the faint possibility of monsters having stolen any princesses. "The Waterfall of the Dirty Gods was our original concept pitch," the developers explained, "where the player needed to climb to the top of several different waterfalls and ring their bell to stop the gods from washing their filthy bodies in the water and polluting the waterfall." The player controlled a monkey with a bell that could be used as a grappling hook.

Once the concept was in place, the team prototyped in Flash while simultaneously building the PSP game. After its launch, Mediatonic decided to rebuild it in XNA for release on the Indie Games platform.

"A big benefit of doing a 360 version is that we could use HD assets and remain within the file footprint restriction, making it the "prettiest" version, Griffiths and Croft said. "Ultimately, though, the prime reason for the 360 version was simple curiosity in adding another platform to our portfolio." And now you (probably) know the rest of the story!

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