Friday, 25 March 2011

Rock Band Weekly: DragonForce, 'Days of Peace' pack

We do love contrast. Next week's Rock Band 3 update will include a downloadable "Days of Peace" pack, featuring patchouli-scented tracks from Blood, Sweat & Tears, Jefferson Airplane and Santana.

Next week's update will also bring a version of the infamous Guitar Hero face-melter "Through the Fire and Flames" to RB3. More importantly, and insanely, you'll be able to purchase a Pro Guitar upgrade for that track. That should take care of any lingering notion you had that you could actually play the guitar.

Xbox 360 / Wii / PS3
Available: March 29
Days of Peace Pack 01 (440 Microsoft Points / 550 Wii Points / $5.49)"Somebody to Love" - Jefferson Airplane (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)"Spinning Wheel" - Blood, Sweat & Tears (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)"Black Magic Woman" - Santana (160 MSP / 200 WP / $1.99)

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