Monday, 28 March 2011

Kenshi and Scarlet downloadable characters from Mortal Kombat

At this point everyone you know that the downloadable content is perhaps the most profitable of the editors and almost any game of the current generation has with some type of DLC. It is something that previously did not happen as consoles did not have a PSN online platform or Xbox Live, with the arrival of the Stores has opened the veda, abusive in many cases, and without any sort of regard in the face of the consumer.

Mortal Kombat is almost confirmed that will include to the rededor of 30 selectable characters of launch, a number of really good few titles wrestling match. However, they could have been more since that at least two characters sold us them to part after confirming that Kenshi and Scarlet will arrive as DLC, and that there is still a month for the release of Mortal Kombat 9.

Will not be the only one, also speculated that the mythical Kintaro could also arrive as DLC in the future but still is not confirmed. Whatever, Mortal Komtat looks fucking great and with a very broad roster of wrestlers, pity that, as always, to complete it all we have to scratch the Pocket.

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  1. Good to know- a friend of mine just got a PS3, I'll have to link him to this.