Saturday, 26 March 2011

MotorStorm Apocalypse trophies

Master of the movement: finish a race using the motion detection function.

Air assault: made fall a competitor of his quad or his motorcycle with fists while you are both in the air.

No shortage of air: use air to cool fully your gauge for boost from its critical level, in a single jump.

It's me who did it: Customize your vehicle by using all available options.

Economics of energy: win a race without ever coming into critical boost.

Locked target: Éperonnez and destroy the same player twice in a race.

Kudos: Win 250 tokens in a single skid in multiplayer.

Vary the pleasures: finish a race in each of the basic game modes.

Bad seed: pass 3 aerial figures in a race.

Wheel of fortune: run a wheeling of 5 seconds.

For some damage: win a race with each of the 13 classes of vehicles.

First-person race: win a race only with the hood view.

Mecano: Change at least one element from each of the 13 types of vehicles.

Over there! : Look at 5 different racing incidents in 5 different races.

Carnage! : Use the ramming to destroy 10 opponents.

I have one! : Collect 1 MotorStorm cards hidden.

"You want to play?": arrive at the Festival as a Mash.

"We are going courir… in here?": Finish "Derailed" as Mash.

"Eat my dust, my guy!": complete "la voltige As" as Mash

"Ok, here we go!": complete "Collapse of credits" as Mash.

"If you want to stay, you it farms.": arrive at the party as Tyler.

"I am just a poor type to crush.": "Road Warrior" finish as Tyler.

"It's going me.": complete "Twitch in the suburbs" as Tyler.

"This is a matter of life or death.": complete "Terminus" as Tyler.

"One of us will come out of this city in life.": Finish "the end is near" as Tyler.

"You're going to see, ban!": start the day as the Big Dog.

"It will sow these types…": Finish "The way of the air" as a Big Dog.

"If you leave, you must arriver…": complete "Last tour" as a Big Dog.

The épreuve… update: Réussissez 5 special events.

10 to begin: pass 10 special events.

The first time: finish your first race online.

Where is my money? : Bet and win a bet part research.

Tape me in five! : Reach rank 5 in multiplayer.

Battery: Reach rank 15 in multiplayer.

Where you put any here? : Collect 50 honours in multiplayer.

Stormer decorated: win 25 medals in multiplayer.


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